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Qick is a safe, comfortable and eco-friendly way to travel

We are working towards using a more environmentally friendly means of transportation to get you to school, work and leisure activities.

Qick is a fun and sustainable way to commute

Qick is Living

You can also use Qick to connect with others by riding them with friends as you explore the city, commute to work or campus, go shopping or just take a trip to the grocery store.

We will provide Qick-bikes to your area if needed, say the word and we will be there. In other words, only your imagination sets the boundaries with Qick – so what are you waiting for?

Living eco-friendly has got to start somewhere and it starts with you. A little goes a long way so you can ride these bikes with a good conscience.

Qick is a fun and sustainable way to commute

Did you miss the bus or does the bus schedule not suit you? Save yourself time and effort by using something that is always on time and fits perfectly into your time schedule at all times.

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