Frequently Asked Question

How do i use a Qick-scooter?
Start with downloading the app and signing up. Locate a Qick near you and scan the Qr-code to unlock. Wear a helmet and obey traffic laws at all times.
How long can I ride a Qick?

You can ride as long as you have battery left in the Qickscooter.

How much does it cost to ride a Qick?

The price can be seen when you tap on a Qick-scooter on the app.

Where can I ride?

You are allowed to ride within the red lines on the map and for as long as you want. ride your Qick on bike lanes or on the street. Always wear a helmet and obey traffic laws.

How do I park my Qick-scooter?
Park it where you are not blocking doors, gates, sidewalks or cars. a nice example is to park it near bike stands.
How do i end my ride?

Make sure that you have parked the Qick-scooter according to our rules then just tap “end ride” on the app.

Can two people ride at the same time?

Only one person at a time is allowed on a Qick. Don’t risk hurting yourselves by being two on one scooter.

How do I get in contact with support?

Fill out the form on the website support page. Send us an email or fill out the form on the Qick-app.

I’ve seen someone vandalize a scooter. What should I do?
We would appreciate if you could send us an email with details around the occurrence time, Location and a description of the person.
Is there an age limit?
Yes. You need to be at least 18 years old to ride a Qick
Is there a weight limit?
Yes, the weight limit is 100kg.
Am I insured when I ride a Qick?
Because Qick-scooters are classified as bicycles in Sweden they are not covered by the traffic insurance (trafikförsäkring). This means that you are not insured by us as a company though your own insurance company should cover you for any costs that may occur in case of an accident. Check with your insurance company to be 100% sure.
I'm supposed to get a refund. When can I expect it?
Between 5 to 8 business days
When I try to end my ride it says that I'm in a No Parking Zone. What should I do?
You can only end your ride within the non colored area. If you are trying to end your ride inside of the red area you will be charged a penalty fee. Please respect the rules and end your ride within the white area of the map.